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About Us
Good control is good business.
CMS will give your organization total control over all telecommunication services, including cellular. We solve problems, give your staff time to focus on core priorities, and reduce your monthly hard-dollar costs.
Total telecom management.
Internal management of telecommunications and cellular services can be time consuming and a hassle. The drain on your staff's time - and the drain on your budget - can be minimized. We have delivered rapid results for businesses since 1989. Our objectives for you are simple, and we guarantee results.
For a flat monthly fee, CMS guarantees these measurable results for total control of your telecom and cellular:
  • CMS offloads at least 90% of the time and hassle of the administration and accounting. This frees up your staff to accomplish higher priority objectives. Also, because of our granular focus, you
  • Gain and keep 100% accuracy on all your inventory, invoices, contracts, expense coding, for all locations which generates
  • Monthly hard-dollar savings, the minimum has been 8%, after our flat fee.
Our clients measure success in hard-dollars and increased productivity of their IT and accounting staff. Click here for Key Benefits.
CMS executes the eight interdependent management tasks that are necessary to gain and keep these results. These eight tasks, if done well, take valuable time to execute. Does your staff have the time and expertise to execute the eight tasks well, or is it a trade off with other projects that demand priority? Our experts devote time and narrow focus to the details of your telecommunications and cellular services for guaranteed results.

The founder of CMS says, "Our dedicated people invest their time, expertise, and enthusiasm to collaboratively support the objectives of our clients." Our ongoing service is the common sense method to plug revenue leaks, and fill process gaps. CMS guarantees its work with service level agreements.
Flat fee. No commissions. Guaranteed results. Turn-key. Proven process. No conflict of interest.

Our client advocate business model sets us far apart from carriers, agents, consultants, software, and auditors. Our long-term success is proof of the tangible value we deliver to our clients. You pay us for eliminating at least 90% of the work necessary for optimal efficiency, and you keep 100% of the savings we generate for you. We guarantee our monthly fee is offset by your reduced costs.

CMS proves that cost reduction does not cost extra. Don't give your savings to a commission based audit company.
CMS has been providing these services to clients since 1989. Our most important resource is our people, and our people will be your important resource, too. Our staff is highly trained with vast experience in the field of telecommunications and cellular.

We focus, and follow through, until the task is complete. Whether returning your phone call right away, or wrestling for months with a big carrier, we complete the job. There is no problem we can't solve. We serve national and international locations from Portland, Oregon.
Time Pie
You may need a bigger pie. Or, you can offload a slice of the work to CMS.