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Eight services are necessary to reduce costs of telecom & cellular.
These services take valuable time to execute. We can offload this work to increase your staff efficiency. Does your staff have the time, expertise, and enthusiasm to execute the eight services well? Our experts devote time and narrow focus to the details of your telecom to guarantee results.
Transition to VoIP
Reach your ROI faster with CMS' help. The ROI numbers are enticing. Assuring the ROI with a successful transition means lots of work. How will you prevent your staff from being overburdened? How will you stretch your staff? CMS can help.
  • Your choice of the right provider is vital. The RFP process can drain you staff of time, your most precious resource.
  • Inventory of existing numbers, services, and configuration. (What rings, where, and why.)
  • Validation of numbers to port. (Hint, yes your spreadsheet may need correction.)
  • Orchestrate cabling and installs.
  • Disconnect services and verify billing stopped on correct dates. Close accounts where necessary.
Help Desk
  • Single point of contact for moves, adds, changes, disconnects, repair issues, and trouble tickets for all client locations. Follow up with carriers and vendors until the problem is solved. Document all activities. Coordinate and implement services and hardware. Our Invoice Audit Group reconciles changes in services against invoices. We crosscheck trouble tickets and service changes.
  • We conform to your preferred process.
Inventory of Services
  • The invoice may be correct, but is the inventory? CMS develops and maintains an accurate inventory of all telecommunications services, hardware, accessories, cell devices, and plans. Don't buy services or equipment you already own.
  • We disconnect services that are not longer necessary, and follow through on all changes to the account to verify invoicing.
  • We wrestle with carriers and vendors to save your strength.
Analysis of Services
  • We do the legwork to educate the client on alternatives for telecom and cellular services and hardware. Our analysis enables the client to make faster decisions, and avoid problems.
  • We analyze the current service configuration, and recommend solutions to meet function/cost objectives. Assist in the configuration and purchase of new equipment, or conversion to new service providers. We work for the client only, and never take a commission or kickback.
  • Act as a review board regarding literature, correspondence, or sales calls from telecommunications providers and vendors. We investigate offers to determine the value, and application to the client.
Contract Management
  • CMS manages and monitors all contracts for all services. Proactive management of contracts gives client leverage, and prevents automatic renewals with possibly unfavorable rates.
  • Thorough review and negotiation of all contracts.
  • Prior to the expiration of a contract, CMS contacts the client to review objectives. Equipped with current market information, the client determines whether to explore options for services.
  • Reconcile contracted rates and tariffs.
  • CMS provides the client with all the information needed to make quality decisions.
Project Management
Project work is any task that goes beyond the day-to-day order and repair activity. Projects may have an expansive scope of work, and are completed over a longer period. Projects may include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Design Request for Proposal (RFP) for services or equipment. Engage prospective providers and coordinate responses. Evaluate and refine proposals. Client can make a better-informed decision.
  • Planning and conversion to new equipment or services.
  • Migration of services to a new services, new carrier, and porting numbers. Disconnections.
  • Full responsibility for installing a new location, transition of acquired or removed location.
  • Tasks for which your staff has no time, interest, or expertise.
Projects take time and distract your staff. CMS invests the time to augment staff, and coordinate any project on behalf of the client. CMS coordinates with the client's providers & vendors to direct the tasks to be completed, timeframe, & follow up.
Monthly Invoice Audits
  • All telecommunications and cellular invoices are sent to CMS.
  • CMS audits every line item on every invoice every month to insure accuracy. Each invoice is reconciled against the inventory of services, recent order activity, MACD, outage credits, and the rates specified in the contract. Each discrepancy is identified, and the provider is contacted to correct the discrepancy. CMS follows through to completion on all disputes and discrepancies.
  • CMS determines the dollar amount the client should pay on each invoice. CMS follows through to insure the credits are posted to future invoices.
Invoice Processing
  • After the invoices are audited and the correct amount to pay is determined, CMS allocates expenses according to the client supplied general ledger accounting codes.
  • A transmittal document, that has been agreed upon with the accounting department, is prepared for each invoice showing the coding allocations and authorizing the amount for the client to pay.
  • Within four days of receipt by CMS, the approved invoices and transmittals are sent electronically to the client for payment.
  • Trending reports are prepared each month showing the total expenditures for services and locations. This allows the client to review and compare month-by-month results.
  • CMS works with the client's accounting department to assure accuracy.
Online Client Interface
  • Real time details include: Status of repair tickets, order activity, move-add-change-disconnect, project management, full detail of inventory, and costs.
  • The full journal of documentation serves as resource for potential disputes of service level agreements, invoice problems, and good will credits.
Total Control

Single Contact
CMS serves as your single point of contact for all your telecom and cellular services, products, trouble tickets, and related issues.
Advocate for You
No commissions. No contingencies. CMS has no financial arrangements with providers. We work for, and are paid a flat fee by you, our client.
Expert Support
Hands On. We support, augment, and work in conjunction with, your managers and staff in telecommunications, IT, and accounts payable.
Administration / Management
Local telephone, long distance, VoIP, MPLS, private line, Internet, VPN, cable TV, wireless, satellite, cellular, demarc extensions & cabling, equipment for voice, data and cellular.