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Success Stories
Nationwide Catalog Clothing Retailer
This client had been with us for less than a week. In reviewing all their contracts, CMS identified a contract that locked the client into a long-term agreement for multiple services.

We discovered a clause in the contract that offered a limited window in which the client could opt out. The client was unaware of the opt out clause.

Four days prior to the expiration of the opt out deadline, CMS contacted the carrier, and navigated the client out of the existing contract. CMS negotiated lower rates for data transport and voice services with the current carrier. Within five days, CMS identified the contract opportunity and completed the transaction.

The client's savings is over $324,000.00 per year for two and a half years. One hundred percent of the savings belongs to the client.

Nationwide Senior Care Management Company
Because of the company's rapid growth, there had been little control of telecommunication services. The company had grown to over 300 locations in the US and Canada. In addition, they had converted to a new long distance provider.

The client did not know what services they had, why they had the specific services, and why they paid the amount shown on the invoicing.

CMS audited and reconciled each telecommunications invoice for each location. Among other problems, the new long distance provider made implementation mistakes that caused calls to be billed at rates of $1.00 to $2.00 per minute. With the accurate inventory established and compared to contracted rates, CMS conferred with the client to discuss the identified savings opportunities. We worked with the carrier to adjust rates, and to recover credit from billing errors. We also disconnected all unnecessary, unused, and duplicate services.

CMS' on-going work relieved the staff of many hours of tedious work per month, and gave the client total control over its telecommunications. The client's annual savings amount to $240,350.04. One hundred percent of the savings belongs to the client.

Thoroughness and Detail in Telecom & Cellular
This is an example of how our detailed attention to telecom and cellular reduce monthly expense.

For two years, a regional telecom company over billed a CMS client by $8.49 per month. CMS identified and corrected this problem with the carrier. We followed through to assure the correction appeared on the billing.

The client saves $8.49 per month on this particular account. The regional telecom company also issued a one-time credit of $343.68.

This small error was not fixed for two years because nobody had the time, expertise, or interest. An audit company overlooked this and other items because the commission (versus the hassle) was not worth the effort. This example of a very small correction demonstrates our detailed attention to our clients' telecom and cellular.

Nationwide Dental Practice Management
This company grew through the acquisition of private dental practices. The acquired dental practices had a variety of telecommunications services.

The individual dental practices, and the practice management company, conducted no review of the services. Individual locations ordered services. In addition, the corporate accounts payable department was overloaded, and did not consistently pay bills in on time. Therefore, late fees accrued.

CMS assumed responsibility for all processes of telecom management. The staff at all locations now called CMS for help desk issues, orders, and moves/adds/changes/disconnects. CMS tracked all changes, entered expense codes, and validated accuracy of billing. We found bills being paid for locations that had been closed for up to 3 years. All unnecessary, duplicate, or unused services were disconnected. We also administered the RFP process, negotiated, and implemented lower costs.

CMS applied expense allocation codes according to the clients' general ledger. The client uploaded the expense data directly into A/P software, and thereby relieved their accounts payable department of the time burden. The processing time for billing was substantially reduced. Late fees ceased.

As a result of CMS managing a substantial portion of the IT and AP workload, the customer was able to reemploy three IT staff, two A/P clerks, and one purchasing clerk into other areas of the company.

In addition to the staff timesavings, the customer realized $459,791.88 in annual hard-dollar savings the first year. To date, the figure has more than tripled.

CMS gave the client total control over all telecommunications and expenditures.

Regional Behavioral Care Organization
CMS saved a client an additional $303.80 per month on its telecom cost. This is a relatively small amount of money, and it shows that we place careful focus on telecom and cellular to achieve concrete results.

This was not low hanging fruit. CMS invested time to negotiate with the carrier to eliminate long distance access line charges, without the requirement of a signed agreement. CMS provided all the legwork, follow through, and validated the savings on the invoice.

No contract extension. No contingency fee. No hassle. No time involvement. Pure savings.